Danny’s World: Why I Do Not Use WordAds On Dream Big

In 2015 I set a goal to get my monthly views to a level so my blog would qualify for WordAds-the WordPress version of Google’s Adwords advertising program.  I had lofty dreams of adding the ads program to begin my journey of becoming a paid blogger.  Up to that point in my blogging “career” all I ever read were articles on monetizing a blog.   I would soon realize that monetizing a blog is not an easy task.

At any rate, I did reach my goal and in October 2015 WordPress informed me that I would be able to enable WordAds on my page.  Over the next 6 months I watched intently for the money to come rolling in and focused on driving more views to my page. At that time I didn’t have the views I have today, but I did have a couple of months that eclipsed 50,000 views in a month-and I was proud of that fact.   These views didn’t equate to money though.

I have 3 basic problems with the ads program:

  1. It slowed down the load time of my page dramatically.
  2. The ads took up space in my sidebar which pushed my page’s info down below-the-fold.
  3. The ads didn’t produce enough revenue.  As a matter of fact, the best month I ever had in ad revenue was $35.00 and that represented 60,000 monthly views!  All that work to drive views so WordPress could deposit $35 in my PayPal account.

So when I evaluated the slower load time and the space ads consumed on my page I made the decision to disable ads and I have not regretted the decision.

The entire experience was disappointing to say the least.

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