I Choose Beautiful

Being Lydia!

Today a dear friend who always has wise and wonderful Facebook statuses, spoke about this video. As always, her words made me think. Even before I watched this, I thought about the subject matter and replied.

“All my life I was thought of as “average” and made to feel that this wasn’t good enough. I have come to accept my averageness and because of that I feel beautiful. That is a difficult thing when you are ravaged by pain, swelling and fatigue, but those are the times when feeling average is more than enough! I love who I am as I am and am loved by others this way too.”

Another area of my life that has not been conducive to beauty is, of course, mental illness. Whether you have bipolar, depression, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks (I have all of them), or a dozen other diagnoses, the stigma alone is…

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