Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/10/17


This morning I talked about controlling one’s attitude..  Let me ask you a question…

Do you often have “bad” days which affect your attitude negatively?      

23 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/10/17

  1. Umm…bad things happen but I’ve practiced being happy a lot so I’m able to deal with it. However, sometimes I get tired of making the constant effort to make myself happy, so those days I let myself be sad. But the power is always with me.

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  2. I used to have more of them than I cared to remember. When you have a mix of physical and mental conditions it can be a molotov cocktail if you let it. I am learning to catch the signs early and take steps to avoid or control any fall-out. The other day the move, surgery, leg infection, insomnia, etc. all took their toll and It did have a small melt-down, but I slept most of the day, took extra pain meds and kept the “damage” to the minimum.

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