3 False Teachings and Misconceptions of the Housewife

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Loss of Identity

–    A woman who chooses to stay home either to raise children or not is not suffering from an identity crisis. She has not lost sight of who she is as a person and what she wants just because she chooses not to break the glass ceiling. Staying home does not mean watching TV all day and spending eight hours in the kitchen. Instead, it gives women a chance to be creative and to pursue dreams they probably never thought possible. With time on their hands and the financial support of their men, these women go out into the community to volunteer and get involved in all sorts of creativity. They are proud to spend all day with their children or their husband if they have no children and to prepare healthy meals for their families. These are the women who do…

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6 thoughts on “3 False Teachings and Misconceptions of the Housewife

    • Being upset is one reason I read posts with views counter to mine. Challenging views and counter world views which upset us can challenge our minds and expand our understanding of how others see the world differently.

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      • You raise a very good point and one lesson I have learned from blogging. When I first began I would read something I disagreed with and get all kinds of fired up. But blogging has taught me to stop and consider the issue from a different perspective. I don’t always agree but being able to get out of my own thinking and see things in a new light is an invaluable tool. And one few possess. 🙂

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  1. That very thing, openmindedness (Is that a word? I feel like it should be…) is something I’ve been working on for quite some time. Especially with the current political climate, it is almost a necessity in order to maintain one’s sanity. Maybe this post was meant to be read by me today? Like the stars aligned so I could have a self inflicted progress report. It would appear that I’ve still got some work to do…

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