Danny’s World: I’m Considering Micro-Posts…What Do You Think?

Danny's iphone 022In the world of blogging there are many types of posts: lengthy, informative articles, videos, weekly updates, photos and the micro-post.  I like the micro-post because I can devour it quickly, engage and move along.

I have kicked the idea around of using my WP site more for short posts resembling Facebook; the idea is to utilize Dream Big as my social media outlet.  I’m not exactly sure I’m sold on the idea although I’m leaning in that direction.

What do you think?  How would you respond if I added Facebook-like posts to my page?  Short thoughts, ideas, musings, etc.?

27 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I’m Considering Micro-Posts…What Do You Think?

  1. That sounds interesting. I’ve tended to thing about my own (as opposed to reblogs) postings in long-form terms. You get a lot of response to your questions, so micro posts could work too. I’d say to try it out and see how it goes.

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  2. I love the micro post! I was at a writers conference a few months ago and we learned the trend is leaning more toward this type of post. It is a fun challenge to give concise information in a smaller posting.

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  4. My preference is about 300-500 words. If i want true long-form writing, i go somewhere else for that. But when i want to keep up with what my fellow bloggers are doing, i like the medium length, especially when it’s interspersed with a few super-shorts such as Can I Ask You A Question or a favorite quote.

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    • I guess it just depends. For me I am constantly working to give readers whatever they want. If I have a segment of the population who enjoy them, then I have no issue giving it to them. It might be easier for me because I don’t consider myself a writer.

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  5. I think it could work if it is done properly. What that would entail, I have no idea. I would like to point out, I’ve seen lots a really good posts that I couldn’t finish reading because they were too long. However, I am attention deficit so I am not a good judge on what constitutes as too long. IMO, the length of most posts that I’ve seen of your blog is what would consider as a good length.

    I had a brainstorm while writing this. How about doing a set of microposts related to a more detailed and longer post? Could that be a good middle ground?

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  6. as a “non-writer” I don’t have a clue…as a reader though, microposts tend to leave me wanting more. I get the feeling that the blogger has more to say but lost interest. Then again I am a voracious reader and a book of a thousand pages isn’t always enough. I do like Cyranny’s micro-poems…I don’t understand them but I like them.

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