Email support group for people with did or a dissociative disorder and/or ptsd, supporters also welcome

Therapy Bits

so i’ve probably said it here before but i own and run a group for people who have did, who have a dissociative disorder, or who struggle with ptsd.
Its also a group for supporters of people who have did or ptsd.
the group is an email support group. messages go back and forth via email. remember email groups back when yahoogroups was very active?
well my group is on now, I think yahoogroups is dead!
Anyway I’m looking for some new members, and I thought what better people to ask about joining than my blog friends!
Would any of you like to join? if you would then you can comment here and I will get back to you via email!
Right now the group has about 30 members, from all walks of life, some blind, some sighted, some who do have did, some who dont, some who just…

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