Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/11/17


This morning I talked about micro posts..  Let me ask you a question…

What are your favorite type(s) of blog posts?  (i.e. long and informative, short and sweet, photos, poems, short stories, etc.)      

28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/11/17

  1. I guess I can say I like my blogs the way I like music: eccletic. I generally don’t like blogs that are overtly negative (sarcasm and snark are okay if done right). I’m a sucker for well done inspirational and postive blogs.

    Lengthwise, I like the medium length posts. I don’t know what the word count is but if I had to guess, it would be around 500 words.

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  2. I cannot attempt poetry or fiction and admire those who can. I like to write less that 1,000 words and usually try to edit down to as low as I can get it without sacrificing information I consider necessary. I love posts for which I have lots of good photos and also a video clip.

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  3. I prefer a variety. I follow book review, pop culture and writing blogs for different purposes; to help promote, to stay current, and to learn. I also follow some blogs because I just like the people behind them. Yours is a good example of this last category.

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