Danny’s World: Out Sick Today

When I woke up this morning one of the things I wasn’t excited about was the pain and burning in my legs and hips.  Sometimes MS rears its ugly head so it looks like I’m staying home with this little fella today.

Not too familiar with MS?  Here’s an infographic to explain!

Image result for multiple sclerosis symptoms infographic


Symptoms: fatigue, numbness, vision problems, muscle spasms, mobility issues, pain, depression, anxiety, etc.

28 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Out Sick Today

  1. Feel better soon and hoping for a remission for you. Two co-workers of my husband have MS so we are quite familiar with the disease. Rest and hopefully you will fell wonderful soon.

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  2. I feel your pain — literally! Not much fun, is it? MS, I mean. It’s unusual for men to have it, but when you do I’ve heard it’s much worse than my version. I hope you are okay today. Most of my brain cells are gone now, so almost all pain is blocked. I think that’s the only good thing I can say about it, unless I also add that I love orange, the color of MS ribbons. Hey, might as well find something to smile about. it helps!
    Oh, I just noticed the date on this one. I’m sure from experience that it is an ongoing thing though, so I really hope you are feeling good today.


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