Danny’s World: The Best Gift a Dad Could Give-Happy Father’s Day!


When I was a kid my dad would take us to different places around Myrtle Beach, Southport, Oak Island, Cherry Grove Beach, Wilmington and Ft. Fisher.  It was really cool to see the end of the road on Oak Island and learn about his story living through Hurricane Hazel.  Or maybe taking the ferry over to Ft. Fisher to learn about the history of the fort during the civil war or to visit the aquarium.

Or stopping at the little convenient store on our way out to Southport to buy penny candy!

Or walking out at low tide to find sand dollars and live conch on Oak Island.

Or learning to play shuffle board at the campgrounds.  Fishing in the lake at Myrtle Beach Travel Park and catching a huge fish which was eaten by an alligator.  And then there was flying kites on the beach so high you couldn’t see them after a while.

How about the ice block sitting contest or learning how to set up a campsite and clean out the tents?

How about playing the old baseball games at the Pavilion in downtown?  And I could never forget the skee ball or sitting and listening to the German pipe organ?

And of course I remember visiting the battleship in Wilmington.

The cool thing is I still do all of these things when I go to the beach and have introduced Evelina to them as well.  We now enjoy these experiences nearly every time we go to the house in Cherry Grove.  Such simple things my dad introduced to me will live on in our memories as we make new memories.   And I will pass along these experiences to our future kids.

I find myself telling Evelina the same stories my dad told me each time we go somewhere and she doesn’t stop me.  She has heard the story of the road in Oak Island a hundred times and she listens intently as if hearing the stories for the first time.

Every story, every trip, every spot are so special to me and us.  Happy Father’s Day and thank you for these memories and traditions, Dad!

This collage represents pictures from all those awesome places from my childhood.

13 thoughts on “Danny’s World: The Best Gift a Dad Could Give-Happy Father’s Day!

  1. It’s so wonderful that you have so many great memories of your childhood with your father. I often find myself thinking of the times I spent alone with my father. With all the kids and grand kids it was really special to have him all to myself.

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