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If you currently do not utilize the free social media services I would encourage you to rethink your strategy. Β It’s not only a great way to connect, but search engines give your page more credibility-SEO. Β So here are mine, just click on the link in red and it will take you straight off to my pages:










96 thoughts on “My Social Media Links

  1. I’m not using YouTube yet, but know I will be branching out into videos at some point. It’ll probably be the hardest thing I do for my blog/business, besides the technical side of things lol. I was already following you on Twitter but followed you on the rest now. Facebook is easiest for me because I had already spent so much time on there. Instagram I had never used before creating one for my blog, but am growing to love it. Twitter will always remain my least favorite though, it seems too chaotic for me most of the time.

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  2. Good advice! I have several videos on You Tube as that is how I put videos into my posts. I post mostly about riding horses and the video is a good way to show readers what I’m talking about. I shall now set about putting a You Tube link onto my home page. Thank you.

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  3. Social media can be a great tool, as long as you focus on the person to person interaction and don’t get lost in the numbers. Its not so much the amount of likes or subscribes or whatever social connection, its about the actual interaction. Numbers don’t buy my services, people do. Numbers don’t talk, people do.

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  4. I’m on Facebook (with my huge 7 likes hehe) and recently joined Instagram. I also find Pinterest useful, but not on twitter or you tube. I haven’t really utilised any of these platforms at this point in time, but do link my blog posts to my Facebook page.

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  6. Just watched your “do you believe what I believe?” video and loved it! Will be following you there. I’d love to get into YouTube, but I figure I’m still new to blogging so it may help to get some decent experience formulating content that way first! Then I can easily transfer it into video format.

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  7. I love connecting on social media. It’s nice to get to know others better, very different than on the blogs, much more interactive and dialogue-like. My favourite is twitter, so many different people, interests, conversations.

    Instagram is very different as the conversation centers on the photos but I like the more laid-back and personal angle.

    I keep Facebook for personal connections and groups and I doubt I will ever have the courage and the inclination to do videos, no matter how popular they are. I don’t really like them either because I prefer to get the big picture by skimming through an article and then dip in where I want and not wait out a usually slow flow of the video. But I know I’m in minority with this πŸ™‚

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  8. Here’s some examples of what is possible, if you dedicate your time adequately and consistently. All follower counts are as of this comment posting. Keep in mind that all of this took me SEVERAL YEARS to accomplish; nothing happens overnight, despite what others may tell you. (Twitter, 198,000+ followers) (Facebook Page, 23,000+ followers) (Instagram, 75,000+ followers)

    It is often helpful to check out Klout, which provides feedback as to how you’re doing with your social media. I currently have a Klout score of 67, but that changes on an almost daily basis.

    Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

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  9. i do not use social media. it distracts me from the purpose of my blog, it distracts me from writing and connecting with fellow bloggers. when i find the time, i might start a podcast or a youtube channel. for now, i’ll just have to rely on kindness and word-of-mouth. (:

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  10. I use Facebook Instagram and Twitter but have not utilized Youtube yet. I do live feeds on Facebook and that was a huge step for me, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough for youtube yet. On an intellectual level I know there isn’t a real difference between the two, except for the potential audience. It feels like it though.

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  11. Good morning, so now we’re discussing social media can you tell me how you manged to get a link button on your blog for Flipboard. I use Flipboard but from another blog and can’t find out how to link it to wordpress.
    P.S. Please keep it simple – info for dummies needed here πŸ˜‰

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