Danny’s World: A Retrospective

I have been using my blog to test a new strategy of posts and I hope you have enjoyed the more personal “live” feel.  For those of you who are just joining the party I have been using my blog as my social media outlet, posting pics from my life as it’s happening.

Today going through my laptop I came across some old pics of Evelina and I and thought I’d share.  Hope you enjoy…

The group of photos above are from when Evelina and I first met in March 2011-August 2011.  In that span we visited Asheville, Hilton Head Island, New Orleans and Dallas; all road trips which gave us a lot of time together.

Our day hiking Crowder’s Mountain…

This is our first Christmas together in 2011 and New Year’s in Ocean Isle, NC.

15 thoughts on “Danny’s World: A Retrospective

    • It was really relaxing. These photos take me back in time. I remember a few details from all the trips we took that year, but not all so the photos help job my memory.


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