How To Effectively Use Out-of-Focus Images

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Don't delete! use your out-of-focus images

If you love taking photos, you know the frustrations of spending time photographing what you expect to be fabulous images, only to find many of them are out of Focus. It happens to the best photographers.

Rather than throw your hands up in despair and hitting the delete button, save some of your out-of-focus images for new purposes.

For this week’s WordPress photo challenge, let me use this opportunity to share some ideas for using those fuzzy images.

If you have read my book Better Blogging with Photography, you know I am a staunch advocate for folks taking and using their OWN images, whether it’s using a fancy camera, a point-and-shoot digital or a mobile phone. The beauty of digital images is they can be deleted if needed or edited for perhaps a second life!

I came across this beautiful scene, with the sun back-lighting the spring trees, and…

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