Danny’s World: I’m Not A Personal Development Blogger or Guru-I’m Just Me

Danny's iphone 022The other day I received an email in my inbox in which the person stated I am their favorite personal development blogger.  I was incredibly appreciative, of course, and told this reader how grateful I am.  The funny thing is I don’t label myself as a personal development blogger or guru.  As a matter of fact, I try to distance myself from those types of bloggers.

It is interesting how we see ourselves and how the world sees us.  The only thing I try to do is help others who might be struggling in the same ways I struggle. The personal development pages I follow leave out one important thing: being personal.  They want to give life tips, but rarely do they ever reveal anything personal about themselves.

I see myself as a guy trying to be a better person who makes a lot of mistakes, but who truly cares.  If that makes me a personal development blogger in other’s eyes then I guess I am.  The truth is I would rather people simply label me as Danny.

22 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I’m Not A Personal Development Blogger or Guru-I’m Just Me

  1. I never really considered this blog as a personal development site but I can see how someone could make that conclusion. The kind of blogs that I consider as personal development sites tend to have a manufactured feel to me. Your blog has a more natural feel to it (IMHO of course).

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    • I really appreciate your feedback. That is exactly what I have tried to create. The big websites that are “self help” gurus never, ever tell you who they are. And that really turns me off. If you are going to give me advice I must know who you are or else I cannot give your opinion any credence.

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  2. Aaaah Danny..
    You are so modest..

    The truth is your blogs are very inspiring and motivational..
    and your followers will always take something away from them.. because they can relate to what you’ve said or what you have spoken about…

    Your passion for blogging and sharing shows in your work ..
    therefore we all love ❤️ to stop to read and enjoy 😊 whatever you choose to blog about ever so lovingly and passionately..

    So yes .. some might interprete you as a personal development blogger..
    Because they get so much inspiration from reading 📖 what you talked about..
    all true to this life’s journey…

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  4. I think there are several amongst us who would not be following your blog if we considered it a personal development blog. The first thing I look for when considering following someone’s blog is their about, or bio, page. If I do not like what I see, I don’t follow.

    We probably all have a little role to play in each other’s personal development. I hope that I manage to enrich some lives a little bit along the way. You mange to enrich mine a little Danny, and for that I thank you!

    Robert Burns must have the definitive comment on how others see us:

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!

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    • I only have a problem with PD bloggers who don’t show their readers who they are. Those who are solely interested in filling classes, selling books and not engaging people in an authentic way lose me and I become disinterested. That is not what blogging is to me. 😉

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