Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/23/17


Let me ask you a question…

Do you believe it is important to be organized?  If not, what are the benefits of being disorganized?

56 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/23/17

  1. I am not completely organized, however, organization is important to keep sanity intact, violence down in the world and at home. 🙂
    I used to try to be so organized that I did not like myself. I saw myself spending so much time worrying about organizing every aspect of my life that I couldn’t enjoy life. Time management is a part of organization that I need to work on as it keeps me from enjoying life. Other than that aspect of organization I think that organization is important in one’s life as long as it is in moderation and like anything else, done or handled with the right intentions.
    God Bless!

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  2. Disorganization all the way. Life gets too boring if you are organized. When you’re running late for work and you can’t find your car keys, that surge of adrenaline perks you up. It help with your problem solving skills and requires you to constantly exercise your short term memory. You organized people don’t know what you’re missing. 😉

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  3. Yes I do, organization, for me is necessary for inner peace. However I’ve known people who are disorganized and seem to be at peace with it. The benefits for any of them was having someone around like me that was organized to help them find something that has gone missing.

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  4. For me its very important to be organized. Believe it or not it helps me be more spontaneous if Im organized. I have a lot of people in my life who totally disorganized and they love the messiness of it.

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  5. Short term & long term goals require continuous monitoring of situations, daily thinking & actions, focus and immense alertness. To make it happen without losing out on the regular life, being organized helps a great deal in terms of reducing the conscious attention towards organized areas and diverting it towards chasing the goals..

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  6. The quality of my life is directly correlated to how organized I am. Seriously. Without organizing myself, I can’t have nightly skincare routines or a semi-formed plan to write my book or what courses I’m taking in college next quarter. Why does this sound suspiciously like a blog post topic now? Lol.

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  7. They say disorganized and messy people are really creative. I think I’m a mix of the two (organized and disorganized). I was worse but improved on being more organized. It’s something that comes with age. Lol. I’m not really good with organizing paperwork though. I throw it away or attempt to file it. Lol.

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  8. I like to be well organized because then I can be calm. A benefit of being disorganized? Well if I just allow disorganization to take over from time to time I find it is interesting that someone else ( my husband who is not usually big on organizing or planning) usually steps in to get things sorted.


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