2 Things That Have Made Me A Better Person

Danny's iphone 022If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t have much focus.  I was floundering, lost, disorganized. I longed to tap into my greater potential, but couldn’t escape the feeling of being an underachiever.

Then in 2014 something clicked and there were two things that made me a better person: paying attention to details and becoming more organized.  The simple fact was that of all the successful people I knew, not one of them was disorganized.  And every single one of them paid attention to small details.

Till this day I pay attention to small details like doing exactly what I say I’m going to do.  Returning phone calls in a timely manner (within 1 hour), answering emails immediately upon receipt, showing up to appointments 10 minutes early and taking detailed notes are a few of my “best practices” that have allowed me more success.

I truly believe that success in anything is found in paying attention to the small details.

35 thoughts on “2 Things That Have Made Me A Better Person

  1. I read astronaut Chris Hadfield’s autobiography and he said that we must “sweat the small stuff.” For him this meant the attention to detail and making the most of each experience. Just what you are talking about as well I think.

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      • No. And I used to work in the performing arts so even the artists ( actors, dancers, musicians, singers) who appeared scatty were actually pretty well organized and the most successful ones were very well organized. My second career was in the financial markets and the successful ones were absolutely very well organized. In the riding world my coach here in Canada is very well organized and she is a two time Olympian! I rest my case!

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    • I have closed major accounts based on those 2 small details alone. I responded quickly to voicemail messages and emails and the business owner was impressed with the speed of my return communications. It definitely makes a difference.

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  2. My father always said the arriving 15 minutes before a meeting or appointment was being on time. Anything past that and you were late! I have always tried to maintain that. However, I married into a family who believe in leaving things to the last minute.

    Another analogy was a pastor we had years ago who brought a jar, some rocks, pebbles and sand to his sermon. The rocks represented all the big things in your life and needed to go in the jar first. Then the pebbles, which were second in priority and fit between some of the spaces between the rocks. Finally, the sand (the little things) was poured in and filled every nook and cranny and leveled the top to fill the jar completely. His message was that the little things may seem unimportant; however, they are crucial to the big picture and are more abundant than all the others.

    Sorry for the long comment. I am leaving the soap box now. I just thought this was such a great post.


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    • Thanks Lydia. I have watched a video similar to your pastor’s sermon. It is my opinion that the small things are the most revealing about a person. Show me someone who doesn’t pay attention to detail and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t get it.

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      • I totally agree on that one, Danny. But for me I have had to be careful about focusing too much on the small things as I suffer from OCD. I can get too tied up in making sure the dishes are lined up properly in the dishwasher and lose sight of the broader picture of getting them in and turning the machine on! I am learning to find a happy medium but it is hard.

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      • Yes, I would qualify those types of details as micro-details. Small details to me are calling people back at the designated time, responding to emails promptly, showing up on time, etc. Be careful with the OCD I have a friend that became mentally paralyzed from it.

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      • I have worked on the OCD for years and most of the time have a degree of control over it. People in my life know to “switch things up” if they see me getting obsessed over something. But yes, it can be very mentally paralyzing very easily. I feel for your friend…and you having to see it happen to someone you care about.

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  3. So you believe that success has a lot to do with being organized? I’m asking because I am in awe of my friends house (cat and house sitting for her) and how it’s organized (almost too much for my liking…) and her husband is a highly successful business man. So while I go in and out there I often think if the two are related, success and organization…

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