45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/25/17

    • Yes. Last year I had someone email me offering up some unsolicited advice. (Which is my least favorite email to receive). I argued with this person and then posted about it without using their name, but I probably shouldn’t have posted it.

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  1. Your questions to us always end up being the soul searching kind… SO, let me ask you this:
    When is the last time you inconvenienced yourself or sacrificed your time for a stranger who is less fortunette than yourself in one way or another.

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      • That’s great!! I try to always remember that the build up of all I’ve done in my life brought me where I am… Changing one simple “left/right” decision could have made my life a whole different, maybe in horrible ways 😉

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      • Absolutely and I try to keep this perspective. I’ve tried to imagine how my life would be different and I’m not sure it would be better.


    • I don’t ever recall smelling or tasting in my dreams. And now that you mention is I’m not sure i see color either. The funny thing is I’ve never thought about these things. 🙂


      • Oh I can smell everything. Everything is so vivid and I can taste. My senses are much more aware in my dreams. Sometimes it is like I have two lives my dreams are so real!when I wake up because I will dream all night long as if I am there. I can sit on the edge of the ocean and feel the waves on my skin and breathe the air. I was curious if other people could too but it sounds like you definitely cant

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      • Last night I visited someone in heaven! So there was a lot going on there from feelings of love to conversations to beautiful colors. I don’t think everyone dreams like I do though

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