Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/26/17


Let me ask you a question…

Do you have anything special you do on Monday morning to get going for the work week?

21 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 6/26/17

  1. Lets see. I hit snooze about 5 times, sleep walk into a shower, drink two cups of coffee, then listen to my playlist for the hour-long commute to work. Special? Not really. But without anything in that sequence, I’m largely useless until about noon. And that’s Monday-Friday.

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  2. Good question, Danny. I start by ignoring my alarm. Seriously. Sunday is literally a day of rest at the ranch. HOWEVER, preparations on Saturday and clean up Sunday afternoon are exhausting! I set two alarms on Sunday night; one to wake me and a second to remind me to get up and move! 😉

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  3. It depends on the week. Most weeks, I’m up at about 4AM so I can get to the airport. Due to lack of sleep, I try to get settled in my airline seat as fast as possible so I can go back to sleep. When I’m home, it’s up early and take the grueling commute past my dogs about 50 feet to my office with a stop at the coffee machine.


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