Danny’s World: I’m Thinking About Acupuncture

Treatment by acupuncture

Yesterday a friend recommended I try acupuncture for my shoulder and for helping me sleep better.  I am strongly considering it, but have always thought of it as a bit “quacky”. Anyone every tried it?

21 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I’m Thinking About Acupuncture

  1. It is effective for some. We don’t do it in our clinic, but we use e-Stimpy with electrode placements on motor points for pain relief and tone release. It’s been used for centuries, so I’d say give it a shot. Better that than just another pain med.


  2. I have getting acupuncture for a long time. Im a great believer in it. It for sure helps with my PTSD and that includes sleep. Get recommendations to find a good acupuncturist (just as you would a doc) I absolutely recommend it.


  3. My wife has talked to me about it for my neck pain caused by injuries from severe whiplash sustained in a bad car accident. But I’ve been using the electrodes and it has helped me tremendously. So I’m a little on the fence about whether I should mess up a good thing.


  4. Do it!!! I love acupuncture. It’s what hot me through the side effects of chemo therapy as well as dealing with the depression. Cancer treatment caused lymphodema, neuropathy, osteoporosis, dense bones, a drug induced lupus, fybromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. To add insult to the injury I have an auto immune disease as well as a genetic mutation that causes multiple cancers. I have lots of inflammation. The preventative drugs I’m on cause the side effects to be so painful at times I can barely walk. Acupuncture has been a godsend for me. In addition it has helped with my PTSD. Make sure you find a good acupuncturist. Mine in San Francisco specialized in pain and cancer. My new one in Washington is certified in Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is non invasive way to help with the pain. I would suggest meditation and reiki if you’re open to that too.


  5. Love acupuncture! I would also recommend trying some lavender and/or Ylang Ylang essential oils just before bed. One drop in your palm, rub together, cup your hands together and inhale.


  6. Aloha Danny, I do it once a week and find it very helpful. It works along the same lines as my Tai Chi and Chi Kung training which I have done for years. It’s all about working with the energy channels and the root cause of illness … the mind … we went to a movie primer on Maui a couple of days ago, the move was called Heal … here is a trailer link which you may find interesting … https://spiritpost.net/2017/06/26/heal-movie-trailer/ … All the best ~ Namaste

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  7. Never tried acupuncture..I’ve thought about it, but never moved forward with it. Lavender Essential Oil tends to be a relaxing aroma for most people which can be helpful with healthy sleep habits. Not sure what exactly is wrong with your shoulder, but my husband is a welder and has a hard time with his shoulders, too. We’ve found great success with Panaway Essential Oil. These might fall into “quacky”, too but figured I’d give my experience with your concerns. πŸ˜‰

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  8. I’ve been close to trying it too, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. So much permanent damage caused by the cancer treatments. Very interesting reviewing your reader responses on this. Might finally tip the scales toward trying it. Let us know if you do. πŸ™‚

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  9. I was a non-believer but was talked into trying it. I went to the appointment arms crossed, prepared to scoff at whatever ridiculous thing the acupuncturist said. She stuck a whole lot of needles in my face, down my arms and in my hands. She told me to relax and left the room. The needle that was in my right wrist was hurting really bad. I thought she had done something wrong or the needle was in too far. It wasn’t. I went to see the acupuncturist because of wrist pain. Not coinceidentally, the right wrist. She came back in the room, took the needles out. And a short time after I left, my wrist was significantly better. It’s weird. I don’t get it. But, it did help.

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