I Get Why Some People Don’t Put In Much Effort

Danny's iphone 022I understand effort is relative.  As I listen to comments and watch people’s actions I notice there are people who truly believe they are working hard, but when compared to my work ethic they certainly are not.  Then you can take my effort level and compare to others and you get the same result.  As in life most things are completely depending on comparison; unless of course max effort is defined as one doing the best they can do.

When I think about effort I can also understand why some learn to only give a little.  Maybe life has taught them that their best effort will not always result in them “winning” therefore they decided early in life that the effort was not worth it.  Maybe some people don’t like to put in max effort because they want to fly under the radar.  I know several people who have this attitude.

There are no guarantees, but that shouldn’t deter us from working to our max ability.

22 thoughts on “I Get Why Some People Don’t Put In Much Effort

  1. I definitely think max effort should be defined as doing the best you can do. Different people have different levels of energy. That said – there are also way too many people to count that use that as an excuse. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told – you just have a lot more energy than normal people. Um, no, I really don’t. What I do have is the ability to completely ignore the television and set my alarm an hour earlier in the morning.

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    • Thank you SO much for that last statement. I get excuses all the time from people who try to elevate some aspect of what I do as if it is super-human. And I answer the same as you: “no I get up at 5 am and get busy working hard.” I don’t lie around making excuses. Hard work can overcome a multitude of deficits.

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  2. This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine. I am extremely annoyed with people who do the bare minimum and expect the maximum reward. When they don’t get it all they have is a shitty entitled attitude and then it’s escalate and complain with a side of pity party. Makes me NUTS. You want something? Do it, get it, WIN IT!

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  4. I don’t understand why people complain they aren’t getting anywhere when they waste so much time on things that are designed to keep them behind. Turn off that television..put down the danged phone. Set your alarm an hour early or stay up a bit later. Everyone can be a “winner”..they just have to first want it, and then actually WORK for it.

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  5. When it comes to effort if you’re doing something you love, or are passionate about, it really does not seem like effort. I think it also depends on how much you believe in yourself, goal or long term wants from your effort. This can always influence how much effort you put into something. This is the same for life and love/ relationships in my experience.

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      • That’s exactly it my friend, my efforts are high out of pure enjoyment. Sometimes so high I forget to do other things… like cook dinner, take out the rubbish and do the laundry. On a scale of one to ten my efforts are ten plus, but it really does not feel like “effort” that’s a headache. It’s a passion so no matter what time I fall into bed, it’s all in the name of something I love, and really does not seem like a chore in anyway. What about you how would you rank your efforts at work ? Is it sales you do? Do you see the benefit from all your efforts?

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      • I rank my efforts high compared to others but mid-level compared to my max potential. I am in sales and I’m one of the top in my category so I am reaping the benefits of my efforts. Thanks for asking!

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      • Hmm, how do you feel knowing you’re not working to your full capacity? Does it make you want to shift gears, or only when you see someone or something on your tail about to take over your effort level? Good job with the reaping what you sew.

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      • I am learning a new skill-working smarter. In the past I tried to keep busy and that made me feel like I was being productive. Now I work to be productive understanding that there are going to be some periods when I need not be at maximum level. I simply cannot allow myself to be full throttle all the time.


      • I totally understand that. Especially in a field like sales. The burn out would be too risky. I’m a teacher ( part time now) and I too understand that when there is so much to do, smart working is needed not to sink. At the same time for me I take this approach due to work life balance. In the teaching field you can burn out so bad if you don’t recognise when to take your foot off the gas. People think we have all the holidays in the world! Truth is, we’re working.. marking …and planning. No rest in this profession until summer. And then you’re still working the last two weeks before school starts!

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      • I have mad respect for teachers so KUDOS to you!! I would not be able to do it and i would probably end up fired or in jail the first time a kid back-sassed me. lol


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