Dream Big Update


Things are hopping in my world here at Dream Big!!  In the last few months there has been a lot of growth so I want to give a quick breakdown of what I do and what you can expect.

I try to publish a thought-provoking post 3-4 mornings each week.  These are usually around 500 words and discuss any topic that comes to my mind throughout the week.

Along with these thoughts I like to use WordPress as my social media outlet so I’ll also publish posts throughout the day that give a glimpse into my life.  These posts are personal in nature and usually titled Danny’s World.

Then each day at 1 pm est I publish Let Me Ask You A Question when I am able to take my thoughts and ask questions which force readers to contemplate life or their own actions, thoughts, views, etc.  (this is one of my personal faves).

Each evening I also publish Blog Networking which is designed to help people network with other bloggers.  All you have to do is click through to other bloggers’ pages and introduce yourself, comment, like, follow, etc.

And, lastly, I reblog other pages that I find interesting throughout the day.  This is another avenue of helping bloggers meet each other as well as read interesting posts.

Hope this helps to sum up what I do!

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