There Can Be No Looking Back.


A delta. This is the place where the river flattens out and moves on to become the ocean. There can be no looking  back. It will never be a river again. There are sometimes moments in the journey with a horse that are like that. There is a change and there can be no looking back.  Here is a photo that is a bookmark on one side of that moment of change. It was taken by Susan J. Stickle , the official photographer for the Adequan Global Dressage Festival.  It is of Biasini and me executing  the pirouette in the Prix St. George dressage test. Take a

At first glance it  might look alright. Or if you are not familiar with dressage you might think it is ok.  As pirouettes go it is technically fine. Biasini is sitting well behind and his front  legs are coming up nicely, it…

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