Your Habits Are Like Seeds You Plant In the Ground

Danny's iphone 022I’m not sure if you are aware or not, but your habits are like seeds you plant in the ground, which one day will produce fruit.  For those with better habits the fruit produced will be better health, more positive friends, more joy, more success, happiness, positivity, humility, love, patience, compassion, kindness etc.  For those who have bad habits the fruit can be found in the form of negativity, anger, stress, envy, selfishness, violence and joylessness just to name a few.

If you want joy you have to sow joy in your life.  You have to eat, sleep, breathe joy.  If you don’t practice joy and develop habits of being joyful, then you will not understand what it is to be joyful.  There is no magic wand to suddenly make you full of joy; you must practice it.

If you want more success professionally then you must practice the habits that will give you the best chance to be successful.  If you want more positive, supportive friends then you must first practice being positive and supportive so you understand what characteristics to look for in potential friends.

If you want better health then you must begin to practice the habits that will allow you to gain better health.  You must begin to get 7+ hours of sleep.  You must begin to eat more vegetables.  You must begin to exercise.  You must avoid low-quality foods.  You must begin drinking more water and fewer sodas.

All of these instances I have mentioned have particular habits associated with them and those habits are the seeds being sown.  The results (i.e. better health, more joy, more patience, more compassion, etc.) are the fruits.  And the reason the fruits are important is because wise people are judging you based on the fruits of your life; your boss, friends, family are all watching your habits.  People are looking at your actions not your words.

One instance that immediately comes to my mind is the friend who continues to talk (complain) to me about something in their life that upsets them or something they are unhappy with.  Most recently it was a friend who struggles with their health.  I’ve listened for years to this person complain about how their body hurts-my feet hurt, my legs burn, my hips are killing me.  Guess what I constantly see on their Facebook feed?  Fast food photos, drinking sodas, funnel cakes, eating tons of processed foods, etc.  I have watched this person’s actions (seed), which have produced a body which is breaking down (fruit).  They are getting the result they should.  They complain, but are not willing to begin sowing different types of seeds.

I will not be this type of person.

The gatekeepers of life will judge you based on the types of fruit you are producing, which is directly attributed to the types of habits you are sowing.

Maybe you aren’t getting what you want out of life because you are planting bad seed which is producing bitter fruit?



21 thoughts on “Your Habits Are Like Seeds You Plant In the Ground

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  2. I do agree that it’s important what kind of seed we’re planting. But continuing the simile, there are lots of things we can’t necessarily control – air, wind, sun, rain in case of plants, environment, support, genes in case of us. I’d be wary of judging someone based on the fruits the bear but you’re right, we need to do all we can on our end.

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    • The uncontrollable variables are more-or-less understood by most people to be out of our control. If you are wary of judging based on the fruits how do you judge people?


      • Good question! I’d love to say I don’t, or that I take a fair assessment before I do but if I keep it real, it’s only an aspiration – I’ve a lot to learn in this! Thanks for calling me out ☺

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      • I wouldn’t say it was a call out. What I try to do is encourage people to take time in honest introspection. Most of my posts are written with myself as the reader. So I’m calling myself out more times than not. The truth is we all judge. Sometimes in good ways, sometimes not so good. And the deeper truth is we must judge. It’s how we stay alive, surround ourselves with quality friends and avoid danger.


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