Danny’s World: Social Media & One of My Favorite Quotes

Danny's iphone 022Any time I scan Facebook I can’t help but think of a quote from Steven Furtick.  But first here’s what makes me think of the quote.

I see so many smiling faces.  Pictures of parties.  Posing. Smiling.  Family pics.  More smiling.  More posing. Everyone is doing it.  Vacations.  Exotic locations. Amusement parks.

Furtick said, “The reason we struggle with insecurity is we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”  Boy, what a powerful statement and so true about modern day society.

I am curious to see the psychological effect social media has on kids over the next 20 years.  Constantly seeing everyone else’s highlight reel compared to your behind-the-scenes.  The impact could be devastating.

20 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Social Media & One of My Favorite Quotes

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  2. Here’s another perspective…. Like anything else with youth, I believe it all falls back to the parenting & rasing of todays youth,… Today’s social media is not unlike the Father knows Best, Leave it to Beaver era, kids saw perfect families on TV, (Social Media ,if you will of that Era) while realities were far from that….
    I grew up flooded with insecurities,… I over came them because of God, great parenting by my Mother & family… If you look at the backbone of the women I grew up surrounded by, my Mother, Aunts Great Aunts & Maw maw, their backbone & strength is epic, like super heros, I didn’t have a choice but to over come, anything else would have dishonored their love & belief in me…
    One thing I learned from History was that there are always those that rise above the Negative & those that surccumbed to the Negative… I believe the biggest influence is the people one is surrounded by…
    You might make no difference to the world, but if you make a difference to one person, to that one person it could nean the world….

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