Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/5/17


This morning I wrote about my thoughts on social media..  Let me ask you a question…

Do you believe there will be long-term negative affects related to social media addiction?  

15 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/5/17

  1. I have no idea. This is the only platform I’m on, Facebook the only one my wife is on. I know we both check it and post daily. But, I don’t think we’re addicted to it. I enjoy mine, and posting photos and music stuff. My wife uses her Facebook to keep up with friends and such. I’ll say this though: none of my boys have been allowed to do any social media as yet. I don’t trust the shit they’d see and the DB’s they may interact with. So, while I’m not fearful for us as adults, I’m wary of my kids doing it.


  2. I don’t consider what I do on here only on WordPress “addictive”, I limit my time. I’ve better things in life to do than sit on FB all day. But yes people are more and more addicted to social media being in the palm of their hands.

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  3. I believe so. I think that people are starting to hide behind social media personas so that they can snipe at each other and spread false information. I also believe that, as I look around restaurants and other social gatherings, the propensity to stare into a phone has helpe to kill social discourse.

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  4. At a party on Tuesday we talked about the same topic. Brother, New Roomie and I noticed most of our young guests didn’t actually see any of the fireworks or converse with other guests – they were glued to their phones. 😀 I actually heard someone say rather loudly, “I don’t bother conversing with anyone that can’t put their phone down. Why did that girl just take my picture?” Balance people. Balance in all things.

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