Danny’s World: You’re Never Going To Believe This!

Danny's iphone 023So yesterday I get home from work and Evelina’s foot was swollen pretty bad.  On July 4th she got bit by some type of insect leaving my sister’s house following the pool party; or so we thought.  Anyway, I bought some Benadryl which she took and went to sleep. Around 6:30 last night I woke her up from her nap on the couch and looked at her foot.  It was huge!

I immediately got her up and we headed to the ER.  Come to find out Evelina was bitten by some type of snake!  Thank goodness all of the blood work revealed it was non-venomous and she will recover quickly.  She’ll be on crutches for a couple of weeks and will have to ice and elevate for a week or so.  We were at the hospital until early morning so we are dragging today just a bit.

She’s the only person I’ve ever known to have been bitten by a snake.

Crazy huh!?

59 thoughts on “Danny’s World: You’re Never Going To Believe This!

  1. Bitten by a snake 🐍..
    And didn’t even know it..

    Thank goodness it was poisonous..,

    And maaan.. Danny.. your elvina is so exquisitely stunning and.. she is drop dead gorgeous….
    you lucky man you..

    That photo of you too is really a Kodak moment..

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  3. Wow!!! So glad the snake wasn’t venomous and that she will recover! Amazing that it bit her without her ever seeing it … a friend of mine got bitten by a snake two years ago without realizing it, but he was hiking in the woods, so that makes more sense. Glad she’s okay!

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      • Might i offer a suggestion?
        Sonne #7 bentonite clay we have used topically to pull out infection. Also taken internally we have used olive leaf extract for poisons, my daughter is using it now for a pesticide poisoning issue. As her liver is not detoxing whatever she is exposed to.
        We use no pesticides and eat organic food. So it is unknown why it is in her system
        Just throwing it out there. You can be . Whatever Bethany zip it and im totally ok with that. It just popped into my head so I thought id share

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