lucinda E Clarke

I try, I really do (though DH says I’m very trying, but I’ll ignore that). I had worked out a whole marketing plan in the shower (where else), scribbling it on the tiles in shower gel and shampoo. This time it was going to work. I even put it down on paper, still naked and dripping wet (not a pretty sight at my age). I went the extra mile and timetabled it all.

It went something like this.

While building my email list, I would write a book to give away for free – and those of you who know me, also know that I HATE FREE!!! It was sheer agony to give Amie Book 1 – all of 128,000 words – away for nothing if it wasn’t being toted by Bookbub, and they only took it once. I’m still waiting for Steven Speilberg to come knocking on the door…

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