13 thoughts on “Danny’s World: We Need To Have the Mind To Help Those In Need

  1. Oooh Danny..

    That video just hit home 🏑 with me..
    I was one ☝️ of those that thought I would never get myself in that position of being in need.

    And you know.. just like you.. I have given without questioning the reasons behind asking.. because I think people don’t ask unless they are in need…

    I knew a few who deliberately lie to get money πŸ’° for drugs.. but we can’t jugde everyone by them..

    You are truly a very compassionate and caring man..,
    And I hope 🀞 you will be greatly rewarded for your generosity…

    Happy 😊 Friday Danny

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      • Indeed..

        Nothing wrong with helping the misfortunes..,
        Life sometimes really sucks for some..
        life does deal out bad hands..
        and sometimes there is no comeback from losing.. no second chances..
        If we all understand this concept.. and give a Helping hand 🀚.. when we can.

        It would be greatly appreciated with so much gratitude…
        Sometimes.. life isn’t what you make it..

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      • Sometimes life is out of our control, but our attitude toward our circumstances is directly in our control. That is my attitude toward life. I might not be able to control everything, but I can control me.

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      • Absolutely right..

        That’s one thing we share and have in common..
        our attitude towards our circumstances define us.. and I am in control of me and my attitude…

        And this is the reason why most family members and some associates can’t believe I really have a problem such as I claimed..
        because I adjust and accept and keep on going even with limitations..,

        And I noticed that about you too..

        Thanks so much for understanding and sharing and for all the support You gives…

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  2. Before my spinal cord injury and Mr. C’s cancer we made a habit of giving to people. We gave to charities, to folks we knew who needed help, and to people we saw on street corners with signs. Someone recently said, “I bet you wish you had all that money back that you gave away over the years.” Sure. It would be great to be able to go grocery shopping not at the food bank but I don’t regret a single penny we gave to others. We had it then. They didn’t. It was a joy to share. And what they used it for was their business.

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