Dad Has Left The Room!

Diary of a Recovering Codependent

It has been an eventful week!

I flew to Las Vegas last Thursday for my uncle’s 90th birthday party and had such a wonderful time! I stayed with my mom and cousin from Thursday through Monday and what a pleasant visit we had. It was so funny that at the party Saturday night, my mom kept introducing me to family (like she has always done in the past) but everyone she introduced me to said, “Oh I already know Terri” or “Yeah, we’ve been chatting on FB for a while”. Prior to 2016, I did not know many of my cousins and the ones I did know, we really didn’t communicate. Since working on the family tree, starting the family newsletter and reaching out to them for information, I have established myself within the family and it feels great!

It took stepping outside of my comfort zone and opening myself…

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