Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

Danny's iphone 022A few years back I made some drastic changes.  In 2013 I decided enough-was-enough and I went through a revolution of my mind and habits.  Here are a few of the things that I stopped doing which made me a happier person:

  1. I stopped blaming others for my underachieving.
  2. I stopped complaining
  3. I stopped comparing myself to others
  4. I stopped trying to be right all the time
  5. I stopped talking to myself like I was a villain
  6. I stopped allowing myself to make excuses
  7. I stopped watching television
  8. I stopped allowing my mind to be limited
  9. I stopped wishing for change
  10. I stopped waiting on life to happen for me

32 thoughts on “Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

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    • It’s not that hard. I choose success over television. It is easily the most unproductive, brain-numbing activity ever perpetrated on humanity. Now, I’ll read or find other things to consume my time. 🙂


  2. I kinda of like #4 “I stopped trying to be right all the time”- that will be a hard one to give up- LOL!
    Have you expanded on #7 in any other posts? I’d be very curious as to your reasons….I’ve been giving up TV little by little and find peace and productivity- but haven’t given it completely yet…

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  3. Working on all of these, think the worse thing is number 3 and 5 for me. I always compare myself to the old me before MS, which feels like comparing myself to some one else, but need to stop this as it’s wasting valuable time!!!! Thanks for this thoughtful post!!!!!

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    • I experience #3 any time I play golf. MS has taken away from my abilities, but I remember the golfer who once existed and compare myself now to the person that existed back then. It’s tough! lol

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  4. Reblogged this on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    Great advice from Danny! I actually did the same in some way and I don’t regret the change one little bit. It’s a work in progress that started long time ago for me. I’m a slow thinker and doer sometimes 😉
    Comments disabled here. Please visit original post for leaving comments and read more on Dannys blog/Anna

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