How’s Your Filtration System?

2 R Better Than 1

Happy Monday, friends! I hope that you’ve been enjoying lots of sunshine in your neck of the woods. Every town I visited this past week greeted me with beautiful sunrises, puffy clouds, gorgeous sunsets, and even a rainbow to remind me of God’s covenant. I posted a picture of puffy clouds and a rainbow and asked my Facebook friends what they saw in the clouds. Everyone pointed out the rainbow, but I also got all sorts of guesses regarding the clouds: a puppy, hearts, an elephant, a moose, and an angel. See for yourselves. What can you get from this picture?


Truth is, we see what we want to see, and filter everything else out. We focus on what’s important to us. If someone points something out that we hadn’t considered, we may entertain it for a second or two, but we often times revert to the image we first…

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