Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/13/17


Yesterday I asked you about how much money you would give away if you won the lottery.  Let me ask you a question…

Do you realize that you can do most of the charitable things mentioned yesterday right now with little to no money?

24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/13/17

      • Hey! It was a yes or no question 😂😂. but you got me. Donating items that we nolonger use or need, clothes, furniture, pots and pans. I kept the basic clothing I needed and gave away everything else. so did my daughter.
        I tihnk helping close to home is important too. so i try to find anyone in the neighorhood that seems alone, lonely, and I visit them so they know they matter. When I was able to drive I volunteered for 8 years in local nursing homes and also with wild life rehab. It is rewarding to give without getting money. giving your heart and your time without getting a thank you, because you want to, and because you know the person you are giving to matters far more than money or praise

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      • And to the animals, and those in the nursing home, money would not have mattered. They just needed love. And I can give that. I can still give that even in my current situation and struggles. Shoot we all have troubles. Maybe not health related like mine or PTSD like mine but everyone has struggles.and everyone has the capacity and capability to choose to love.

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  1. Absolutely. Volunteering your time is free. My whole family volunteers at church. I play the piano, my wife is on several volunteer groups and teaches religious education and my daughter is an altar server. The church emphasizes giving your time, talent or treasure ($$$). Two of the three are free.

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