Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/14/17


This morning I posted about the thoughts that sitting by the ocean provoked in me.   Let me ask you a question…

What place on this planet causes you to dive deep in yourself and become introspective?

56 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/14/17

  1. I can’t think of a place that does that, but I can think of places that work against it – busy down towns of cities, jammed freeways, sports stadiums with games happening, places of distractions and noise. On the other hand, even there, the urge to withdraw within to counteract the tumult can come. Hmmm – spoken like a true introvert? Ha

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  2. Reflections. I could say Breckenridge, Colorado. The small town. The tall mountains. The friendly people. Or…I could say Ouray, Colorado. The small town. The tall mountains. The friendly people. Or…I could say Vail, Colorado. The small town. The tall mountains. The friendly people.

    A pattern. Oh…all right…I admit it! Any small town in Colorado with friendly people and tall mountains is the place for me to reflect and rejuvenate.

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      • Ha! I noticed that! Have you ever been to Breckenridge? We’ve been in the summer and in the winter…both are great! I don’t ski now…since I fell on ICE, ruined my knees and had to have them replaced. I wonder how that happened!!! Oh well…the big snowmobiles are fun!!

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      • I’m not a huge fan of vacationing in the snow. I’ve never been a skier so I have preferred to visit the sunny locations close to beaches. lol


      • When I was growing up, all of our vacations were to visit my grandparents in Nashville. From there…we would always go east. Gatlinburg, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia. I love the beaches on the east coast.
        However, it seemed like my friends were always going to Colorado for family trips. I thought for sure that it must be the best place ever!

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  3. Many years ago I trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. On that four day trek I thought a great deal about my place on this planet, my life, my future, the wonders of nature, the amazing fact that hundreds of years ago people had lived in this area and had an advanced civilization and now were gone and also that I was not wearing the right shoes for this sort of climb and descent!

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    • The Incans and the Aztecs amaze me. We know so little about how they did what they did. Much like the ancient Egyptians. That is my favorite kind of history. I have heard Machu Pichu is amazing.


  4. Anywhere that I have my journal in hand, and music playing in my ears. I worry I’m inside myself more than not lately.

    Last week, I meditated at the edge of the ocean, and I felt myself connected in a way I hadn’t in so long. It was amazing 😊

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  5. I travel a lot. That means lots of hotel alone time. This is the place that I think about life and spend time writing. I’m a homebody and traveling puts me out of my comfort zone. That is why this time is important for self-reflection and creativity.

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  6. I guess normally I would have answered the beach but after having been away and having had the most intense experience just recently I now have to say that it can be anywhere. Beach, mountains, you name it. It’s the vibe of a place that will do it, that will take your breath away, make you connect with yourself on a level you would have never thought you would be able to.

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