30 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Why You Shouldn’t Judge Others

  1. We judge with enormous alacrity and little thought for how we are seen. We all could do better look at ourselves before we speak. If this makes one person think… it was worth saying.

    1. Being honest about this type of stuff is difficult. I guess I like to think I am not that type of person, but then I find myself comparing people to my vision of living right. I have no place to judge anyone but myself.

      1. In my Buddhist philosophy we are encouraged not to compare ourselves to others, but instead, spend that energy having appreciation for our lives and the ability to improve ourselves.

      2. I hold a similar view. I try to focus internally and not externally. It makes a big difference, but there are these moments when I realize I judge. And I notice I do it a lot. Not verbally, but in my own head. I am going to stop these thoughts.

      3. When I find myself thinking badly of someone, for whatever reason, I try to pray for that person’s happiness. As you said in another thread, we don’t know what others lives are…

  2. I try to live with the “live and let live ” attitude, but we are all human and do rightly or wrongly speak out of term at times, every story has two sides and we should always attempt to consider this.

  3. Danny, I really loved this video. I’m like you and I admit that I often watch obese people with their obese kids eating their chips and other junk food and drinking their soft drinks on the beach in summer. But one day when my mind once again went to “why are they not choosing healthier food and start looking after themselves or at least their children” I stopped. I thought about the fact that they were at least outside with their kids. Kids walking around on the beach, playing in the water and being somewhat active. And they were spending time together. And just like you I wondered what the fit guy who was doing burpees in the sand (more to show off to the girls that were there too I guess) would think of me as I carry more weight than I should.
    As you said, bottom line is that we all judge people for what we think they do wrong. But it’s like a spider web as the next person will most likely find something to judge when looking at us. And so it goes. And instead of let each other live their life at the best they are willing to do we nag. I loved how you said that it’s not the best they can but the best they like do be at that moment. Makes me think though if it’s the case. Maybe those obese people have come a long way. Who knows… maybe a couple of weeks ago they would have dipped their chips in a heavy loaded dipping sauce or would have had some chocolate with it. Maybe they have lost heaps of weight already and this one moment is their cheat day. The day they reward themselves with the junk they crave all the other days to keep their motivation up.
    This video is an amazing reminder to not always assume negative things but maybe consider that things are better than they might be 😉

      1. I guess so… don’t you think? We usually only see this snippet of a moment and it makes us assume we know about the person and their way of living life…

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