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4.5 stars rounded up. it took me three restarts to get into this book, but I finally got it on that third time and it was completely worth coming back to and reading cover to cover. The timing was a perfect fit, I started it July 5th, sixth months into the Tr*mp administration, and barely put it down until completed July 7th. The essays are intelligent and her breadth of knowledge is impressive – though she acknowledged the advent of Google and internet searches, the way she weaves the information together is all her. I love the stream of consciousness, I write in a similar manner, just without all the travel, facts, or famous connections. Given the current political situation in the United States, I find this book very current and almost mandatory reading. The chapters that relate to the Bush Jr./Gore election and aftermath are a striking parallel to…

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  1. Thanks for the repost πŸ˜†

    Readers, if you like my book review, please check out my other blogs. In particular, look for the editorials and essays.

    If you like or follow me, I will check out your blog in return.

    Thank you!

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