Danny’s World: The Definition of Self-Absorbed


Maybe being self-absorbed is the antithesis to self-awareness?

17 thoughts on “Danny’s World: The Definition of Self-Absorbed

  1. Hmm…where would you put self-conscious in this? I would say self-absorbed and self conscious would be…polarities of self awareness. It’s a matter of freedom vs limitation, right? In being aware of yourself, you are truly free – because you are aware of your actions, your limitation, and your choice. In either of the poles – self absorbed or self conscious, you actually hold yourself back by…yourself!

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  2. There are so many social rules I just don’t see the fine line between. Like being proud of yourself and being self absorbed. What if you’re just absorbed in the crap that’s going on with you, that’s to do with you so does that make you self absorbed?

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