It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

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I believe it is important to take stock in how one acts.  It is easy to continue on as you have always done, oblivious to how it impacts those around you.  Some will even justify their actions with statements like “that’s just the way I am”.

For me, that is not good enough and I expect more of myself than that.

The wise person doesn’t continue on as they always have.  The wise person evaluates their actions and changes when they realize they need to change.

27 thoughts on “It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

  1. The “that’s just the way I am” line made me think about people I have to deal with on an almost daily basis… They say that they’d “rather throw it in one’s face as it is”. As if it gave them a right to say mean things straight forward, hurting people in the process. I believe in treating people like I’d like to be treated, and they most obviously don’t. Unless they like to be put down, which I highly doubt, or they see themselves as flawless.

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  3. “That’s just the way I am” is otherwise saying “I’m lazy”. One of the gifts of awareness, for me, is the understanding finally of where I stop and another begins. It’s so easy to be wrapped up in someone else, that you allow another’s actions or words to dictate your feelings. Like you, I constantly seek more understanding and wisdom, which can allow for compassion. Compassion makes it easier to deal with people who don’t think like me and understand how hard it is, as with my own journey, to change, but grounded in me enough to not let someone change me. That’s the tough part.

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