Featured Blog…East Coast Approach!

East Coast Approach

I started out strong. Just over eight months ago.  I was blogging often, having a fairly clear, concise point with each post.  The feedback I got was amazing.  People told me that what I was writing was relatable and how they looked forward to my posts. But, as the weeks went on, I found myself blogging less and less and less.  At one point going more than a month without posting a single thing.

I would still go to WordPress almost every day.  Just under the “Reader” tab.  I would scroll through my saved categories, spending a majority of my time under “Blogging”.   A common post I’d see would fall along the lines of “So, I haven’t posted in a while.” or “Things have been really hectic lately and I haven’t logged in”.  Listen, I get it. I do.  Life gets busy and things come up.  But I couldn’t help but wonder…  Were they really too busy for days…

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3 thoughts on “Featured Blog…East Coast Approach!

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  2. I’m new to blogging (a month or so). Due to chronic illness I don’t always have the energy to say what I want to say when I want to say it. So I have an email folder and send myself blog ideas for future use. I’m up to 88, and so far haven’t gotten back to them, despite posting multiple times most days. I guess I’ll have inspiration waiting when I need it!

    PS, reblogged…

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