Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/18/17

Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/18/17


Let me ask you a question…

Does anyone use word definitions from the dictionary any longer or are we just making up our own definitions based on our own experience?


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    1. I asked this question because of the responses regarding “self-awareness”. It is interesting to learn what people think self-awareness means and what it actually means. It makes having a conversation difficult when people are operating off of different word definitions. lol

      1. Most said they use the dictionary, but from the responses I get on certain posts I think there are quite a few who are making up their own definitions. lol

  1. I do a lot of research when I write, especially in English, since it is not my mother tongue, but I probably misuse (just checked “misuse”) words more often than I suspect 😉

      1. 😉 Thanks…. I chose to blog in English for practical reasons, but sometimes, I realize that it is just an additionnal challenge for me. I love it, though, I feel like I’ve improved through the passing months. 🙂

      2. Wow.. seriously, this is one of the best compliments I’ve received in a long long time!! Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I love the Language. I try to use accurate definitions in my serious work…but then I would just as soon create Suzism’s and warp the heck out of my mother tongue!

    1. It’s funny that you can write a great post and someone might be using their own definition of a word which changes the intent and content completely. I’ve had to correct people and actually post the definition of a word before. Their response “well that’s not what that word means to me”. I just shake my head.

      1. You are pretty young. I remember when we had to diagram sentences. And spelling was a very important part of our studying. Now I’m not sure how much the students are accountable in that area. Especially with text speak.

    1. It drives me nuts. Especially when I hear someone say “that’s not what that word means to me”. As if definitions are up for interpretation! lol

      1. There are so many popularly used words that are used incorrectly even on the news, that it irritates the crap out of me.Then the meaning changes to something that it never meant in the first place in common conversation. e are becoming so dull, so fast! The speed of the dumbing down process is remarkable.

  3. I find different answers depending on where you look, so use the ones I hear most often. It’s fun looking up new words to find rhyming ones, but I make up some of my own you – it’s fun!

  4. Lay and lie are killing me! I had to look them up in the dictionary a few days ago because I didn’t know which word to use. I still use the dictionary all the time.

  5. As a reader one of the features I adore about my book app is clicking on a word and the dictionary definition pops up (with the definition in context, no less). But as a writer I too invent words sometimes. Good question, Danny. Lots of thought-provoking answers.

    1. This question came about because there are times when someone comments on a post and the answer perplexes me. They obviously have used a much different interpretation of a word like “self-awareness” which then creates a completely different post in their mind than what I intended.

  6. This is a great question that I will put a twist on. As someone who writes book, my vocabulary is fairly extensive. I have had readers tell me that I use words that they have to look up when they are reading my writing. In your opinion, should I use simpler words or view it as a teaching moment. These have not been complaints, but, I think, some type of backhanded compliment.

    1. I like authors who use big words as long as it doesn’t come across like they are trying to use big words. I’ve read a lot of your work on your blog and I don’t think you misuse any words. Of course I might be biased because I am a fan.

      1. Thanks. I try not to employ convoluted utterances in an endeavor to confound individuals that consume my prose (I think I broke my thesaurus bone).

      2. How about this one…Don, your my faverite bloger on the intranet. Thanke ewe four beeing sutch a goud riter. That is funny but now my brain hurts. lmao.

    1. I noticed it yesterday when talking about self-awareness. The word has a definite definition, but a lot of people take it to mean things it doesn’t mean. lol

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