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The Bag Lady

Monday again, and the most I have accomplished is washing and drying all of my bedding. And repairing my mattress. It’s time for a new bed and new mattress. It takes a long time and a lot of wriggling and strength to undo or make my king sized bed. It was purchased when I could still walk, when wanting a large one so my tossing and turning from pain didn’t keep my husband up all night. Of course he slept like a log! But now I can’t make it myself, especially because there is carpet in the bedroom of my apartment. The bed does not move! So, another Monday……only good thing about it is the Share Your World from ceenphotography.com! So here are her questions and my answers. Please join in, it’s fun! We need fun, it’s Monday!

1. What’s your favorite cheese?

I have to say, many! I love…

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