43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/20/17

  1. what failures? I don’t consider things that fail to work the way I wish them to as failures, but as a learning experience to help me get it right the next time I try whatever it is.

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    • See I view it differently. I think it is okay to fail AND to acknowledge that one failed. There is nothing wrong with failing because it does mean you tried something. I’m not sure why people have been programmed to think using the word “fail” is a bad thing. People fail everyday and I say embrace it, learn from it and use it to find a better way. 🙂


  2. I thought I was a failure as a mother years ago. I handled it by losing what little self confidence I had, and that effected my life for many years. Now at seventy I can look back, see my kids and their kids and how strong and loving they are. I think I expected too much, and now realize I did okay, so not a failure after all.

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  3. Failure is a failure. Its a reality. Its how we take it that matters more. I initially feel bad and sad for sometime, may be days..and then get up, face it bravely thinking that there is no point being sad& a happy me looks good and beautiful.. and try again with better preparedness..!
    And all this is possible when I have family and friends around..necessary condition!! 🙂 🙂

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  4. I always ask myself, “What can you learn from this?”. But the truth is it’s hard to accept failure gallantly all the time. Sometimes, against all my wisdom, I simply bury my head in the sand and avoid confronting my mistakes. I’m not gonna lie and say I always learn from my failures. I don’t. But I guess we’re all a work in progress!

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