What is your chill? Penguin Prompt

Jo Ann Maxwell

puzzleWhen I am overwhelmed with outside stimuli, such as email and WordPress, I need to pause and regroup. And get my chill on! At those times I play games on my iPad. I play three different games from a company called ZiMAD. Two of them are Mah-jongg matching games. One is called magic jigsaw puzzles.
I really like the magic jigsaw puzzles. They are very beautifully done.  Every day you get a free puzzle as well as an extra free puzzle. You’re never allowed to see what the puzzle will look like. So it’s a blind process. Many are very challenging. For some of the most challenging puzzle’s, it takes about an hour to do. At least for me!

My best way to chill is when I swim laps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even though I’m working hard, it is so enjoyable, that it helps my overall outlook.

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4 thoughts on “What is your chill? Penguin Prompt

  1. I love games and jigsaw puzzles are the best fun for quiet time… However when I want or need to chill, it’s worship music I turn to… After Little Parrish graduated to be with the Lord, I found it is worship that calms the storms the best… It brings everything together, mind soul & spirit to a common place on solid ground… It’s that grounding that delivers peace within the stormy chaos the world throws at me…

    Love you, going to check out the jigsaw magic…

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