Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/22/17


Yesterday I asked whether you valued money or time.  Let me ask you another question inspired by Cyranny’s Cove’s comment from yesterday…

If I were to give you $10,000 today in exchange for 1 hour of your day, would you take the cash or keep all 24 hours?

118 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/22/17

  1. At this time, I would without a doubt take the money. A day doesn’t seem like much unless that day turned out to be the best day of my life, and I need the money. Money all the way for the time being.

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  2. If it is just one day, Yes. I cannot think of anything that would give that kind of return on investment. If it was all days going forward, No because in a few months the return will be less than what I would make if paid hourly.

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  3. I would ask what you wanted me to do for that hour and why it would be worth $10,000. That may come under the heading of, “Read the contract before signing.” Also, much as I would be inclined to trust you, Danny, I would want to see the money before deciding to take such an offer. In the end, I would probably decline such an eccentric offer unless I really liked the work to be done.

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  4. It depends what they would want me to do in that hour. For instance if it would be about helping somebody to rob a bank definitely no. But for an easy honest task that I would be capable of I would readily accept to give away one hour.

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  5. Wow! That’s a great question. I could certainly use the $10,000. To earn that in one hour would certainly be awesome provided it wasn’t in the form of compromising my integrity. Giving up one hour for $10,000 in which I would use to help myself as well as others (family, tithe etc) would certainly be worth it.

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  6. Take the 10 grand!!! If I can exchange my most painful part of the day or when I’m having a seizure. Easy choice. Pay off all medical bills and then life would be less of a burden. Or rather my health would be less of a burden on our wallet. Yes 10 grand. Where can I sign up?

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  7. After your last question (Time or Money) this one is totally mischievous. Now I have to slightly contradict my last answer and say ‘Show me the Money’ ha. There again I could take 3 months of work and get a good return on my time. 😜

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  8. Well $10K for one hour of one day. It is not a huge amount of money but for one hour on ONE day I’d take it. But if it was one hour out of every day for the rest of my life then it is not nearly enough.

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  9. I think the money you gain (to a point) would make up for all the hours you think/worry about finances, scrape to save for the future and well, work. If I had a full time job and someone offered me enough money to live on to last my husband and I and any kids we had our whole life, I might be willing to give up as much as a couple years. Look at statistics on how much of our adult life is spent working. It just seems worth it. Then you can enjoy your family full-time instead of only on evenings and weekends.

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  10. Also, think how much time people waste on movies or video games or other time eaters. I’m guessing some people who had trouble answering this question have spent an hour on some activity that had much less reward than $10,000. But I want to clarify my earlier statements to say I wouldn’t give up that time if it had a crucial life memory such as the birth of a child.

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