Oh, my aching ovaries.

Essential Living with Dakota

My husband and I have three boys. I had a really rough pregnancy the third time around. So bad, he said no more kids, regardless of the gender. (We don’t find out! So fun!) I cried for weeks about it. After T was born, hubby backed off his no more kids stand. Now that our youngest is 15 months, he’s very much ready for another baby. But y’all, they drive me a little crazy. These boys are wild, rambunctious, crazy, strong-willed, stubborn. Did I mention wild and crazy?

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Our crazy doesn’t end there. (Shoot, I don’t even know that it’s really even begun.) My sister recently moved home from Florida. Her boyfriend and his two-year-old daughter came with her. They live with us! It’s so awesome. Every day we’re all together. And did I mention, my sister was pregnant? Yep. She recently had her first biological baby. Like 7 days ago recently.


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