Danny’s World: I Need Your Help!

I am working to grow my subscriber numbers on YouTube.  Here's an example of my page and a link to subscribe.  Will you subscribe and help me out?


10 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I Need Your Help!

      • It’s a very time consuming business social media, I think possibly I’m spread to thinly lol really enjoy making my vlogs but have found my blog suffers a bit

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      • I move between the two. For a while I was doing mostly videos (which take up time). Then I was posting a lot of written content. Now I do micro posts and video combinations. I try to give everyone a little something. lol


      • I was surprised how much time videos took, record all mine on my phone, found a great app, Power Director which allows me to edit on the go which normally means I just have to produce an publish at the end of the day

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      • I was doing some simple production, but I actually enjoy more of the “fire-side chat” type posts where I’m just talking like friends. I haven’t had a lot of complaints except sometimes I forget to look into the lens. lol


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