2 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Positive Begets Positive, Negative Begets Negative

  1. I totally agree… I had a similar experience to your “I’m a good putter” episode. Years ago, when struggling with anxiety issues, I was told by the therapist I was seeing that the only really serious things in my life were those that put myself in danger of getting injured or killed. That money problems can be solved, one way or another, and that relationship issues can be worked through… So whenever I felt anxious about something in my life, even the smallest things, I’d tell myself aloud “This is not grave!” I felt ridiculous for a while, but it became something natural, and even friends and co-workers started saying it too… And it worked. Of course, I’m not saying that we can solve all problems this way, but words do influence the brain a great deal, in my opinion. Good and bad. I try to be carefull, but I recognize that it is something I should still be working on! Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Have a great Sunday!!

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