Stretch those muscles…ouch

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Today was stretch day for the silver sneakers.

I am in bad shape and was surprised how much I did. Of course pain is setting in on top of the normal pain. The class is kind of fun and most of it is done on a chair. Surprising what you can do on a chair.

My sugars started high this morning, but came down with my morning insulin and stayed down. I am doing a very low carb diet which helps.

My grandson’s birthday party is coming soon and there will be a carb issue and I want at least the cake if not the pizza too. I am probably going to have one or the other, most likely the cake which is my favorite. Unless she puts some vegetables out or something equally low in carbs. This is the hard part. Normally if I wasn’t following a low carb…

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