Danny’s World: What if…?

Danny's iphone 022What if?  Have you ever sat somewhere pondering life and thought what your life might be like had you made a few different decisions.  As most of you know I am a thinker by nature and I've wondered about things like this on countless occasions.  The 'What If' question can be incredibly dangerous or it can lead to the stars; it relies heavily on the user.

I believe looking back on life and questioning past decisions can be a dangerous endeavor if it is done for too long or too often.  Questioning past situations is good for directing your future, but I wouldn't spend too much time second-guessing.

Now if you use the 'what if' to challenge the possibilities of the future or to challenge the status quo, then you are on to something.  This to me is how we change the future, push the boundaries of ourselves and become more than we could have ever expected.

One question: what if.  Just be sure you are using it to better yourself, not lament the past.



24 thoughts on “Danny’s World: What if…?

  1. Like my bestie would say “always forgive yourself, the past no longer matters, who you were ten years ago, ten months, weeks, days, hours or seconds ago no longer matters, what matters is who you are now and who you will be”. Thank you for this great post, as always.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! We need to accept the past for what it is – our past, and move forward into the future. Looking forward, “what if” can, as you said, challenge the status quo. It can also be a springboard for great ideas and fuel the creative processes that can change our lives. Thanks for another great post!

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  3. I love your blog. I love that you’re a thinker and ask a lot of questions. It never fails. theres always a reason for everything that happens and or for the people we meet. I suspect we met because your questions force me to reflect on things. I have so many what ifs. What if I had never met my ex Ron? What if I had never left my life as I knew it to pursue a relationship with him? What if I had never had cancer? What if my dad was still alive? What if the past six years was just a horrible dream? Would my life be different? I agree with you. Spending too much time on the what ifs of the past can be dangerous. I did just that. Playing things over and over in my head. The result…..I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. I even had a breakdown. I would encourage anyone I meet to not make the mistakes I did. I stayed in the past. I stayed in the what ifs of the past rather than reflecting on them to help me push through the boundaries and move forward. Thank you for all your questions. You always make my day. Your posts and questions remind me of far I’ve come and where I want to be.

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  4. The only “what if” thought that I have is…what if I had studied Architecture instead of getting a degree in Journalism? However, my newspaper career gave me the experience and confidence to stand up for myself…as well as the gift of curiosity. Newspapers also led me to teaching school… the most fulfilling job imaginable. I believe that there is a plan for everything…I realize that teaching was part of my plan and I am thankful for this joyous opportunity. When we lost our son in a car accident when he was 26 years old, a family friend had lost her son years before in an accident. She told us to not ever give in to the negative phrase… “should have, could have, would have”. Saying those words would do absolutely nothing to lead my husband, our daughter and I to find our smiles again. Our smiles would honor Justin as well as help us live in the present. I have written several posts about Justin in the time that I have been blogging and I have been honored to do so. Links to a couple of my posts about our son in case someone is in a similar situation…



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  5. What if there are alternate realities. I am living in one and in others there are the other Anne’s who made different decisions? I know it is a bit Star Trek but it is an interesting idea. One Anne never left western Canada. One still lives in England. One is an art historian. One works in Christies Auctions in London. One moved to Australia. Etc Etc Etc.

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    • I’ve thought about this a lot. This concept drives me mad! lol What if the reality I’m experiencing is not the reality others are experiencing. What if I believe I am in one location but it is all a delusion and actually I’m some completely different??


      • Oh don’t worry we only exist in one “real” reality at a time. The other realities also have their own people and are “real” as well. Or at least in Star Trek next Generation that’s how it was. So it must be like that. Right? Anyway that’s what I’m going with.

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