Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/27/17


This mornings’ video talked about habits.  Let me ask you a question…

What habit has had the most dramatic impact on your life?  Do you still practice said habit and if not, why?

25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 7/27/17

  1. Well, it’s kinda odd, considering I’m a loner/borderline hermit, but diving in and getting my hands dirty when a need to help arises. Been that way all my life, and continue to be so. I’m not sure if it’s a habit though, as it may just be innate. One habit I have developed over the years though, is telling those closest to me that I love them everyday. And solidifying those words with actions. Especially my wife and boys. I never want them to have any doubt that they’re my world.

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  2. Cooking when I’m pissed off. Usually I’d snub till pigs fly, but one time in 2015, my bestie and I had a huge fight and it was like the world was coming to an end because all of our friends starting breaking up in their individual relationships, the people around us have a common phrase till date – “if Pref and Tara can stay together, then any other two people can”. It took me 2 hours to realize we couldn’t really survive without each other, and in my angry state, I made a 3 course meal and took it to his place. That evening, he asked me to swear I’d marry him when the time comes and that’s how we made up. We’ve never had a bad fall out since then, if anything bothers me, I just cook and he’d understand right away.

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  3. Daily exercise is my number one habit. It’s interesting because I hated exercise for most of my life, but then one day I had labs done and my glucose level and blood pressure were a bit higher than normal. My dad and my mother-in-law were already suffering with diabetes and heart disease, so it was a wake up call for me. I decided I had to start exercising no matter what. That was 6 years ago and I still get up every day at 6:00 in the morning to work out. I got fit, I got healthy, and I lost a ton of weight. I would probably be taking insulin right now if I hadn’t made that choice. I still struggle a bit with healthy eating, but exercise for me is like brushing my teeth. I never go a day without it.

    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi

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  4. I tend to binge eat, especially in times of high anxiety and/or pain levels, which is pretty much most of the time. I would do it in private like pretending to be really good on my diet then sneak the bad foods when no one was looking. This habit just made me more miserable, fat and not happy with anything in my life. Thankfully I have a husband who realized that the best way to get me to stop was to not get mad but tell me things like “hey, you had a bad day, it’s understandable.” That started me with doing it anyway but telling him. That led to thinking if I am going to tell him, isn’t it better to just not do it. I am getting closer to being able to have some ice cream out in the open and not crave the entire carton! I am losing weight and not getting sugar depression!

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      • I would do the samething bite down to nothing where I’d bleed. UGH!!!! Well being a pregnant Mom you’ve to take prenatals, it’s a vitamin with lots of vitamins in one. Any ways it grows your nails and shines your hair and everything, and I liked my nails being longer, and ever since then, I stopped,sometimes I’ll pick them short,but rarely rarely bit unless hangnail

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  5. When I grew up in the fifties it was common for us to pick flowers when going on a walk, the house would always have bunches of flowers and I carried that tradition on in my own house when the time came, that is until a friend once told me stop picking the flowers and leave them for other people to enjoy too, it hit me then that I had been a selfish habit and I stopped. I never pick them now unless its in my own garden as I still love flowers in the house.

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