5 thoughts on “Danny’s World: A Simple Mindset That Helped Me Change My Habits

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  2. Danny, I love this perspective. It really helps! Add the positives, don’t focus on the negatives. After some time, the positives will push out the negatives. This was great timing.. just got back from a really strenuous walk in the heat with my husband. I didn’t want to do this certain walk but he pushed me. Feels great! Thanks for sharing your outlook!😊

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  3. True. I started losing weight when I quit thinking of ‘limiting’ what I ate, and started having a “Must Eat” list every day of what I had to get in. For example, I have to eat a salad every day (typically at lunch) and 2 cups of cooked vegetables at night etc…You have to incorporate the good habits to squeeze out the bad!

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