Love, Light and Energy

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

I had a healing last night and the healer sent love, light and energy from the Lord through my body. He releases the bad and brings in the good.

I have them periodically.

Still struggling with my blood sugars. They are better when I keep it low, very low carb. Too many carbs and the numbers skyrocket. This morning my fasting number was 78. Almost to the danger zone.  Keeping it so low carb limits my diet tremendously. I can have a lot of the vegetables, but fruits are no-no’s except for berries and just a few of them.

Hard to take insulin when you eat so low carb. I don’t have to take as much and if I don’t have any in a meal I don’t need the insulin shot.

When one needle runs out I have to use 2 to get a full shot. I hate that. That…

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